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Sylvester Stallone’s Wife Filed For Divorce.

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According to Fox News Digital, Jennifer Flavin, Sylvester’s wife, has filed for divorce after 25 years of marriage.

During an interview, Rambo said: “My family means the world to me.

We’re working through our differences peacefully and privately.”

Flavin, a model who is 54 years old and lives in Palm Beach County, Florida, filed the necessary paperwork on August 19 to formally end her marriage to the Hollywood Star Sylvester Stallone.

After only four days, Sylvester Stallone covered up a large tattoo of Flavin on his right forearm with an image of Butkus, his bullmastiff who appeared in the film “Rocky” alongside Sylvester.

The actor’s tattoo designer, Zach Perez, posted a picture of his work on the actor’s Instagram profile. The report was published in the New York Post. The photograph featured a tattoo that the artist had done.

In his Instagram post, He added, “The Greatest day in my career!! “. “Thank you for entrusting me with your tattoo today, @officialslystallone,”

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The message was taken down very quickly because Commenters on social media were outraged about the apparent insult to his wife and the condition of their marriage.

Michelle Bega, a spokesperson for Stallone, denied rumors in an interview with the Daily Mail that the actor’s new tattoos were an indication that his marriage was in trouble.

Michelle Bega stated, “Mr. Stallone wanted to update Jennifer’s tattooed image.

In a News Interview, she said that while the process was interesting, the resulting artifacts were disappointing and irreparable. Therefore, to conceal the original, he decided to cover it up with a new tattoo of Rocky’s dog Butkus.



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