The game industry is currently worth more than $300 billion, and it is getting bigger day by day. Games are now more immersive, fun and complex than ever before, which has led to an increasing number of gamers. Few years back, only professional E-Sport players or content creators could make a living from playing or creating videos about games but in last couple of years games that allow players to Make some extra cash while having fun, have become increasingly popular.

These games, known as “play-to-earn” games and offer a unique framework that can convert your playing time into a good revenue stream. And if you are an average gamer but still want to make some money then these blockchain (NFT Games) and play-to-earn games, are best for you because these games allow players to make money while having fun. So, keep reading because today we have selected 7 Best Play-to-Earn NFT Games in 2022 which can add some extra cash in your wallet.

1. Axie Infinity:-

Axie Infinity is a virtual pet world where you can buy monsters, called Axies, and utilize them in fighting, exploration, and breeding with other Axies. It’s made by Sky Mavis and operates on Ethereum. Pokémon-inspired Axie Infinity has you collect and battle cute monsters in cartoonish battle.

The game incentivizes users to fight their Axies (in game characters) against each other in exchange for small love potions, which are in-game currency (SLP). Every Axie is also a non-fungible token and can be purchased or sold on various NFT exchanges.

Axie Infinity game Image one of top 7 Best NFT Games To Make Money in 2022
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2. Alien Worlds:-

Alien Worlds is an NFT Metaverse free-to-play and play-to-earn game where you can play with unique digital items (NFTs). This game players to acquire in-game cryptocurrency, known as Trillium (TLM), which can then be exchanged or traded for real cash rewards. The game has 18 levels, each with three worlds, and employs Trillium, which can be exchanged for cash.

The more levels you clear, the more Aliens Tokens you earn; to participate for a part of the TLM reward pool, players can mine TLM or send digital spaceships on missions around the Game space. After successfully completing a task, each player is awarded a maximum of five NFTs. Additionally, users can battle against each other on the BSC blockchain as they discover the various universes. To get started, all players just need a WAX wallet.

Alien Worlds Game Image

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Alien Worlds Official

3. Mines of Dalarnia: –

Mines of Dalarnia is an upcoming action-adventure game with procedurally generated levels. Players can mine and combine different- different types of in-game items, which can be used to improving their skills and gear to unlock the secrets (Levels) of the MoD universe. The game is set in a fantasy world where players explore randomly generated levels, gather resources, and uncover the mysteries of the mines.

The Dalarnian universe has a variety of landscapes and enemies to conquer in search of those rare resources, and Friends are allowed to play together in the Dalarnian universe. The game’s assets are stored as non-fungible tokens, which means they can be exported and traded on marketplaces.

This makes it possible for players to earn money by selling resources they have gathered in the game. And to confirm that the game outcomes cannot be manipulated, all in-game transactions are recorded on the blockchain. This game offers “DAR” as a default token or essential type of currency which can be used for both upgrading tools and trading on marketplaces.

Mines of Dalarnia Game video cover Image
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4. Mobox: –

Mobox is a cross-platform GameFi or gamification finance metaverse that combines gaming NFTs with DeFi or decentralized finance yield farming to create a more immersive gaming experience. Mobox NFTs, also known as MOMOs, are available for purchase through the Binance NFT Mystery Box program and the Binance NFT secondary market.

MOMOs can be used to bet on games, power up in-game avatars, and earn DeFi yields from staking and lending. These Tokens (MOMO NFTs) can be used to farm, battle, and earn crypto rewards. And players can easily trade them, and can be staked for MBOX token farming, or used as collateral within the MOBOX metaverse on the network.

Mobox is a free-to-play and play-to-earn game. The game places a high value on NFT compatibility, allowing players to utilize their MOBOX resources in numerous games simultaneously.

MOBOX game image
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5. My Neighbor Alice: –

My Neighbor Alice is the perfect multiplayer game for anyone who loves spending time on their computer and wants to meet new friends. Players can buy virtual islands in this game, gather and build cool stuff, and meet new friends. The best part is that the game is based on blockchain technology, which makes it more secure and reliable than other games.

The in-game reputation system rewards you with additional advantages if you’re an excellent landowner. Additionally, users can purchase and use in-game objects like houses, animals, vegetables and so forth.” The more reputable you get, the more advantages become available to you. By doing tasks and other activities, you can improve your reputation.

The Alice token is the primary in-game money and can be purchased on Binance. And can be used for in-game operations such as land purchases and more. My Neighbor Alice will also provide a decentralized forum where players can discuss gaming activities, determine the Decentralized Organization’s voting schedule, and interact with people. And this one is also a free-to-play game.

My Neighbor Alice Game Image
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6. Illuvium DAO: –

Illuvium DAO is an upcoming fantasy role-playing game and pre-registrations are open for this game that will run on the Ethereum blockchain. Open-world exploration and capturing mythical creatures known as Illuvials are central to Illuvium’s gameplay. Illuvials are used by gamers to compete against each other to win Ethereum with real-world value.

Illuvium is the world’s first triple-A game to be built on blockchain technology. The primary concept of the Illuvium game is the collection and personalization of NFT Illuvials by the player. Each Illuvial has a specific affinity and type, and There are five classes and five affinities in total, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The more fights you win and the more missions you complete, your Illuvial becomes stronger. all the Illuvials and objects can be exchange or sold by Players on the NFT marketplace.

Illuvium DAO game image with pre registration tab
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7. The Sandbox: –

The Sandbox is a virtual universe where gamers can design, own, and monetize gameplay in the Ethereum blockchain. Become a collector, artist, or game decider to make a difference in the virtual world, or simply enjoy the numerous games as a typical participant.

Whether you’re looking to acquire digital land or virtual property, The Sandbox is one of the most well-known names in the virtual world. SAND, the Sandbox’s native token, is used for all activities and transactions in the game and can be acquired by playing games and tournaments or bought on crypto exchanges.

The Sandbox Game image
Image Source – Google I Image By – @TheSandboxGame

There are plenty of reasons to believe that the NFT gaming market will continue to grow and expand in the years to come. With new games being released every month and a growing number of players getting involved, it’s clear that this is an industry that is only going to keep on expanding. If you like to play games and interested in getting involved in the world of NFTs, there are plenty of great games to choose from, and we encourage you to try out some of the games mentioned above.


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