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Illegals Have Found The Most Disgusting Way Possible To Steal From Us

Two boys from Montgomery, Alabama were taken into custody and handed over to juvenile services after they were discovered in a cemetery crypt. The youngsters, aged 11 and 12, said they found the crypt door broken and just wanted to see what it was like inside. They were treated so harshly because the caskets in the crypt had also been opened.

The corpses had been stripped of their jewelry, which included wedding bands and engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, one tiara and several gold teeth. The boys didn’t have any of the stolen merchandise and were released to their parents. The investigation, however, turned up something far worse.

Illegal aliens, finding it harder to get jobs in Trump’s America, have been traveling the country in search of older cemeteries where people were more likely to be put in crypts or shallow graves without vaults and robbing them. Surveillance footage shows one van full of them pulling into a store just outside Chatanooga minutes after tearing open this 80-year-old family tomb and stealing more than $30K worth of jewelry:

The family is beside themselves with grief. One of the items stolen was a Congressional Medal Of Honor given to a trench soldier in World War I who saved the lives of more than 100 men with his bravery. The practice of grave-robbing isn’t something we see often here in America but it is prevalent in Mexico and other Central and South American countries.

The van full of thieves is still currently at large. If you spot them, do NOT approach them. They are armed with pickaxes, sledgehammers and explosive devices and are considered dangerous. Authorities are tracking them to catch them in the act, so please ignore them and go about your business.