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Dems FURIOUS After Trump Takes Away Their Secret Little Free Ride

The Democrat party holds itself to a “higher standard” when it comes to the needs of the common man. Or at least…that’s what they tell you. In reality, they are a bunch of entitled freeloaders looking to take whatever they can from hard working Americans to make life easier for themselves.

An internal audit of the operational cost of running the Capitol building has turned up a dirty little secret the party of lazy has been keeping since 1962. Accessible from a hidden door in office 317, which is listed as unoccupied, Democrats have been hiding a secret little club where they can lounge, order food, visit the open bar, gamble on sports and even attend a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. The room features two full bathrooms with a sauna and a priority stairwell exit to the tunnels under the building in case of nuclear attack.

According to the executive order that created the windowless encampment, the Democrats would use the room to “assemble away from lobbyists and outside interests,” which is what made the order legal. It was sealed by a federal judge in 1963 and reopened in 2018. The order was signed by John F. Kennedy.

A spokesman for Nancy Pelosi told CNN that the Democrats had done nothing wrong by utilizing a legal space and that the Republicans were just sour that “their Presidents never thought of it.”

President Trump thought that was hilarious. Reports from the Oval say he was laughing heartily as he signed the order that shuttered the club. Democrats are furious…and completely powerless to do anything about it.